-Neoprene Freeze Pop Holders -Cricut Explore Air 2 (or similar) -Everyday Iron-on Vinyl -Heat press or iron -Free Printable [Optional] Freeze Pops

        WHAT YOU NEED:

Open Cricut Design Space + create a rectangular guide 1.5"x6". Create text boxes (cut style) for each name. Make sure they all fit within the guide.

         STEP 1: DESIGN

Set up Cricut Machine with Everyday Iron-on shiny side down on a standard grip mat. Set the material dial to 'Iron-On.' Click "Make it" in Design Space. Set your desired size + check mirror setting ON.

         STEP 2: CUT

Weed the negative space around letters leaving the names stuck to the transfer paper. Cut individual names with scissors.

         STEP 3: WEED

Set Cricut Easy Press 2 to 300º.  Preheat holders for 5 secs. You can press 3 holders at a time.

         STEP 4: PRE-HEAT

Center iron-on name strip on holders- shiny side on top so name reads correctly. Set the Easy Press to 15 secs + press firmly. When timer beeps, flip + press backside for 7 secs.

         STEP 5: PRESS

        NO CRICUT?

- Skip the personalization - Decorate with fabric paint or   markers - Personalize with iron-on letters - Print names on iron-on paper

         STEP 6: PRINT

Download + print these free printable "You're Too Cool, Valentine!" cards.

Cut with a paper cutter or scissors. Write to and from and stick into the popsicle sleeve.


         STEP 7: CUT + SIGN


If treats are allowed in the classroom then add an unfrozen ice pop to the sleeve behind the free printable card.