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May 9, 2017

When your baby is growing up so fast, who has the time to spend hours taking, editing and sharing photos and videos!? These five apps help you to capture those fleeting moments quickly and easily. 


  1. 1 SECOND EVERYDAY($4.99…totally worth it, I swear!)


Download 1 SECOND EVERYDAY from the App Store


This app creates a personal movie by stitching together 1-second video clips from each day of your life. The built-in reminders and calendar timeline make sure you don’t miss any days. You can take your videos through the app or from your regular camera. It also has a cool feature where you can easily create GIFs.


My husband and I made it our “New Year resolution” to capture one short video everyday of 2017. I think it will be so great to look back at this video at the end of the year and see Teddy grow and change with every video. I only wish I knew about this app when he was first born! 



  1. VIDEO CROP  (Free)

Download VIDEO CROP from the App Store


If you take a lot of SnapChats your probably take your videos vertically, and if you plan on using the 1 Second Everyday app you will want your videos to have a horizontal orientation. This Video Crop app is really easy to use to remove unwanted areas of your video and to fit the desired size and orientation.




Download FREEPRINTS from the App Store


If you are like me and take a million photos that just live on your phone forever until you accidentally delete them…this app will help you print good quality photo prints easily every month for free (or the cost of shipping). The app lets you select up to 85 pictures a month from your camera roll or social media. 




Download SHUTTERFLY from the App Store


Another great app for printing photos, although I mostly use their website so I can view the photos larger before printing. The app, however is a great thing to have to get exclusive discounts and free stuff…and anyone that knows me knows that I love free stuff. They always have different offers for free photo books, free calendars, free photo gifts, free photo magnets and free 8x10s just for the cost of shipping. We actually used shutterfly to print our wedding photo albums and got three books and a calendar all for free! I also recommend following Shutterfly on facebook, because there are a lot of deals on there as well!



  1. SNAPSEED(Free)


Download SNAPSEED from the App Store


This is one of my favorite photo editing apps. I have a really good camera, but a good camera means nothing if you have crappy lighting, and unfortunately my house has the crappiest lighting (especially in these winter months) so I always need to brighten up my indoor photos in editing and fix the white balance. Snapseed lets you choose specific areas to brighten without over exposing the whole picture. It gives you different filters and editing tools, lets you skew the horizontal and vertical perspective and even add text.



I hope these apps will make it a little easier to capture and preserve those memories! If you try them out, let me know in the comments what you think of them!



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