May 9, 2017

We were looking for something not-rectangular to add to Teddy’s little gallery wall in his nursery. We also wanted something to tie in our nursery colors since I had picked like 7 different colors in my color palette like a crazy person….I saw some similar arrows and decided to stay true to my personal cheapskate motto: “Don’t buy it if you can make it yourself” Editors note: I am sticking to this motto less and less since the baby never naps long enough to let me make things.



-Miter Saw

-Safety goggles
-6 ft piece of 1×4

-Sand paper
-Spray paint or wood stain

-Strong tape

-Velcro picture hanging tabs

-Optional: Mending Plates with tiny screws and drill

Step 1: Get your materials together and put on your safety glasses- or do what I did and nag and nag and nag your husband until he does Step1-Step 4 for you…

Step 2:  Use a tape measurer to mark every 7.5 inches of your 1X4 with a pencil. Really they can be any length you want. I pretty much just picked a random length.

Step 3- Use a triangle to draw lines at every mark making 45-degree angles.

Step 4- Use a miter saw to make 7 cuts on each of the 45-degree angles.

Step 5- Discard or repurpose the two end scraps. You should have one little 4″x4″triangle and a piece a little less than 2′ left over

Step 6- Lightly sand the edges of each parallelogram.

Step 7- Spray paint or stain your parallelograms your desired color and let dry according to the paint/stain directions. We did two parallelograms in blue, two in gray and two in lime green to match our nursery decor.

Step 8- Pair up the parallelograms so that the short ends are touching to form a 90-degree angle. We attached each pair with a really strong tape on the backside, but if you wanted to be shmancy you could buy mending plates with tiny little screws and attach that way.

Step 9- Attach them to your wall with strong velcro picture hanging tabs.

Step 10- Look at it every day and second guess the colors you picked….should I change that green to light blue??? Just kidding. Don’t do that. But really, should I?


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