April 3, 2017
Multi Use Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Week Nursing Essentials Gift Basket

I remember before I was married and before I had a baby, every shower invite I received elicited a big groan. I also probably made excuses and maybe even forgot to send gifts... (Sorry guys! Shame on me, I was admittedly a pretty crumby friend, but I am trying really hard to make up for it). Now, I'm excited every time I get a bridal shower or baby shower invite in the mail because its a chance to get out of the house and celebrate with my friends. I even like shopping for, and wrapping cute gifts (what have I become?). Big expensive gifts are obviously very nice and appreciated, but often the most useful items are smaller and usually stay on the registries untouched. I like buying a bunch of the smaller items from the registry and combining them with some of my favorite things to make cute themed gift baskets. Here are my suggestions to include in the perfect nursing essentials gift basket:

Breastfeeding gift basket made out of a boppy pillow

This post contains Amazon affiliated links for your convenience. I receive a small fee from purchases made through links, at no additional cost to you. I only write about products I love and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. I received the nursing cover for free in exchange for my honest review. See full disclosure here.


A good nursing cover is important because your newborn isn't going to wait patiently until you are done grocery shopping to start getting hangry and do you really want to nurse while sitting on the toilet of a grocery store bathroom?? While I fully support anyone's right to whip it out and breastfeed whenever and where ever they choose, I, personally, am more comfortable covering up.
multi use cover for breastfeeding basket
 This multi-use cover from HNY Baby is the perfect choice for nursing covers. The classy and understated black and white fern pattern complements any outfit and the high-contrast design can actually help soothe baby while he eats. The best part about this nursing cover is its functionality. No one has room for a hundred different things in their diaper bag so I love that this one cover can double as a scarf, car seat cover and high chair cover. I have even worn this as a scarf when I'm chilly, and to cover stains from coffee or from some tiny little person's bodily fluid. It works great as a car seat/stroller shade and the light-weight white fabric won't overheat your baby in the sun. It covers most shopping carts (they don't quite stretch over the giant Costco carts) and high chairs and gives you 360 coverage while you are nursing.


Another item with multiple uses, the Boppy was great for sitting baby on your lap to feed so you don't have to hunch over. It is also good for tummy time and propping up baby in a seated position. I actually ditched the Boppy after a few months when I learned about side lying nursing and that ended up being much easier for me.


Because the first couple of weeks (or months) can be pretty painful and rough. Coconut oil also worked great for me if your little one doesn't like the lanolin. The soft round icepacks fit comfortably in your bra.


Burp clothes aren't just for burping. I used the plethora of burp clothes I had to put under the babies mouth when he was eating in case he dribbled or unlatched at let down. Teddy was a really messy eater so having a burp cloth at the ready helped to keep my clothing and furniture free of milk stains. These Ideal Baby Burpy Bibs are my favorite because they are by the makers of Aden and Anais but cheaper and they have snaps on the sides so they can double as a bib.


Ok, so this thing is weird, but it saves me a lot of time and pumping and is cheaper than a manual pump. It suction cups to the breast while you nurse on the other side or while you just sit there or are doing chores. I actually used this while driving home from work (probably not the safest thing in the world I know) so I wouldn't have to pump.


This is Teddy's favorite bottle because it has a soft bottom and wide nipple so it looks and feels more like a breast. He actually liked it so much that he went on a nursing strike for a little while because he liked it better...


Start by putting the nursing cover around the Boppy pillow so the larger opening is at the top and smaller opening at the bottom. Tie the smaller opening at the bottom closed with a rubber band and tuck the sides of the large opening around so the Boppy looks sort of like a donut (Optional: stick a piece of cardboard at the bottom for a flat surface). This will be the "basket." Fill the basket with the Lanolin, ice packs, rolled burp cloths, milk pump and bottles. You can also throw in other things like lactation cookies or granola, Mother's Milk Tea, a cute water bottle, pretty ribbon hair ties, nursing tanks or bras, a night light, disposable nursing pads or more! Then wrap the whole thing with clear cellophane and a pretty ribbon and Voila!


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  • kristin October 21, 2017 at 7:36 am

    When I was nursing, I had a little caddy that I carried around the house with me. I never knew where I’d end up nursing! The caddy was full of things like chapstick, lotion, lanolin, wipes, burp cloths, a pacifier my phone, etc. I never got stuck with something I needed but couldn’t access!

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