January 24, 2017

I love chalkboards.

I use chalkboards for my son’s MONTHLY CHALKBOARD BABY PHOTOS, home decor, the seating chart at OUR FALL WEDDING and signs for parties. Chalkboards can be used again and again and are really inexpensive to make, but sometimes you don’t want the typical black and white look…

Did you know that you can make your own custom colored chalk paint?

It is easy and I think it works even better than chalkboard spray paint!


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  • 2 tbsp of un-sanded grout mix (ours was leftover from a kitchen backsplash project that we never got around to doing…)
  • 1 cup of latex paint, any color (I used leftover Navy blue house paint but paint samples work great too!)
  • Paintbrush (Foam brushes work the best)
  • White chalk
  • Chalkboard eraser
  • Non-porous surface (wall, piece of wood, glass, metal etc.)
  • Paint stirrer
  • Cloth rag



  1. Mix the un-sanded grout and latex paint in a small container (only mix what you need right now because it dries out too fast to save leftover paint). It’s important to mix it well to break up all of the clumps so it looks as smooth as regular paint.
  2. Paint your clean, dry surface with a smooth layer of the chalkboard paint.
  3. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  4.  Before you go ahead and use your new chalkboard surface you MUST “condition” or “season” your chalkboard using a piece of white chalk. Rub the side of the chalk over the entire painted surface horizontally. You want a nice thick layer of chalk. Then, rub the side of the chalk vertically across the painted surface. Seasoning a chalkboard prevents “ghosting” where the outlines of whatever you draw don’t fully erase.
  5. Use a cloth rag to rub the chalk into the surface. Then use the rag to clean off the rest of the chalk.
  6. Now you are ready to use your chalkboard!



Check out my tutorial to do an easy CHALKBOARD DESIGN TRANSFER (Here are some FREE PRINTABLES that you can use for your design. More holiday designs coming soon.).


Check out my tutorial on how to make your own framed  CHALKBOARD SEATING CHART!

There are also alternative methods to making chalk paint that I have read about that use baking soda, plaster of Paris or ground up chalk instead of the un-sanded grout.

If you don’t feel like making your own, Rustoleum also sells tintable chalkboard paint!

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