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Father’s Day Shaving Cream Activity for Kids

February 15, 2023

It's no secret around here that using laminated photos is one of my go-to activities for kids. We've used laminated photos of the kids for playdough, dry-erase marker, kinetic sand, loose parts, legos, and shaving cream. The kids wanted a photo of dad so we snagged his Linkedin headshot to print and laminate. Inspired by these awesome chunky Honey Sticks paintbrushes that reminded me of the fluffy brushes barbers use to apply shaving cream, I set up a little shaving…

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Mixed-Media Puffy Paint Gelatis

February 8, 2023
Mixed Media Gelatis Process Art for Preschoolers

For this fun process art activity we did our little spin on puffy paint ice cream and did puffy paint gelatis (although they look more like a crazy milkshake?)⁣ ⁣ This was actually our first time using the puffy paint and it was really fun! We used equal parts glue and shaving cream and a tiny drop of food coloring in each section of a muffin container. ⁣ ⁣ Then we cut paper cups in half and I traced them…

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Complete Guide to Process Art for Preschoolers

February 3, 2023
Barbie Doll dresses made from coffee filters and cotton rounds diy craft process art watercolor washable crayons and water spray bottle tap design fashion new creative ways to play with dolls

When you think back to your own art education as a child, what do you remember? Are the memories positive? Do you remember feeling like you were "good at art?" Did you feel the freedom to express yourself and be creative? Do you remember feeling joy and the excitement of experimenting and making new discoveries? Or are your memories more negative? Did you feel pressure to have your art look a certain way? Did you feel like classmates were "better"…

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DIY Playdough Carrots for Easter Baskets

February 3, 2023
Too Many Carrots Children's Book and Orange Carrot Playdough

Do you remember those carrot-shaped bags of M&Ms you'd get at Easter time? How about a non-candy version that is easy and inexpensive to make for your little one's Easter basket or for a fun Easter gift for your child's classmates? We made these DIY playdough carrots as party favors for my daughter's PETER RABBIT THEMED FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY and I think they'd be the perfect gift to add to an Easter basket. Read below to see how we made…

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Birthday Cake Play Dough Activity

January 28, 2023

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? Help them celebrate with a fun Birthday Cake Play Dough Activity. Set up an invitation to create with your choice of colorful playdough. Roll out a large piece of playdough and drape it over top of a Bundt cake pan or an upside-down bowl. Set out a tinker tray with small loose parts. We used bead necklaces, decorative paper straws, gems, pom poms, mini erasers, glow-in-the-dark stars, wooden numbers from a…

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