Mixed-Media Puffy Paint Gelatis

February 8, 2023
Mixed Media Gelatis Process Art for Preschoolers

For this fun process art activity we did our little spin on puffy paint ice cream and did puffy paint gelatis (although they look more like a crazy milkshake?)⁣

This was actually our first time using the puffy paint and it was really fun! We used equal parts glue and shaving cream and a tiny drop of food coloring in each section of a muffin container. ⁣

Then we cut paper cups in half and I traced them to the page so the kids would know where to put the scoops and then we glued the cups on afterwards and added our toppings to our cool treats!⁣

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Preschoolers working on puffy paint mixed-media gelati process art paintings


  • Shaving cream⁣
  • White glue⁣
  • Food coloring⁣
  • Paper cup (cut in half)⁣
  • Construction paper⁣
  • [Optional] Pom poms, sprinkles, paper straws, spoons, paint sticks, glitter, washi tape, markers⁣


  • Decorate the cup with markers, washi tape or paint sticks⁣
  • Add glitter, foam balls, sprinkles, pom poms, straw or spoon⁣
  • Paint with brush, fingers or a spoon⁣
  • Experiment with color mixing⁣
  • Draw or paint a background first
  • Try a 3-D version by filling a cup with some crumpled paper + covering with the puffy paint
Paper cups filled with colorful puffy paint gelati ice cream + sprinkles with a straw. Kids Process Art Activity


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