January 7, 2019

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SHAME ON YOU, SHAME ON ME! // I just started reading I Thought it Was Just Me, (But it Isn’t) by Brené Brown, PHD (recommended by my sister) all about the concept of shame in women and how childhood shame shapes our development. It is REALLY interesting.

NETFLIX PICKS// Have you seen Bird Box yet? I love a good end of the world movie, but that movie has been giving me anxiety dreams since I’ve watched it. Thinking about  getting a toddler to keep their blindfold on and not run away or else they die…yikes.

I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix…will tidying up ever really bring me joy? Doubtful… but I’m willing to listen to that magical little sprite Marie Kondo.

Not Netflix,  but Teddy LOVES Team UmiZoomi on Amazon Prime. It’s great for teaching toddler age-appropriate math such as counting, patterns and shapes.

UNRUFFLED PODCAST// I’ve been listening to Janet Lansbury’s Respectful Parenting Podcast , Unruffled. It’s great and really informative, but best of all her voice is soothing and puts me to sleep haha. Do yourself a favor and listen to the episode about Mothering Boys- Secrets to Understanding Our Sons (with Best-Selling Author Maggie Dent) it was especially interesting!

MACHO MACHO MAN// I just bought Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) by Keith Negley for Teddy and we’ve already read it about 10 times. The illustrations are awesome and the message is even better…it’s okay for tough guys to show their feelings. I’ll post a full review soon!

MOM JEANS// I finally bought myself some jeans that actually fit me, and I can not express how great I feel now. Turns out I was wearing jeans two sizes bigger resulting in what my husband affectionally refers to as “dumpy butt”. American Eagle Outfitters actually has some really great high-waist jeans and this incredibly comfortable sweatshirt that I’ve been living in.


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