Ideas to Keep Kids Connected with Their Friends During Social Distancing

March 29, 2020


Kids can talk to friends virtually and do a mutual activity together. We've used Facetime and Group Facetime, an app called House Party, and Zoom to talk with family, friends and even our entire preschool class (which was a little crazy!).


Kids can take turns filming their own “educational” videos like dance lessons, cooking shows, storytimes, puppet shows etc. to share with friends. 


Kids can exchange a favorite (sanitized) toy with a friend so they both have a fun new toy to play with. We all know how during playdates, our kids' favorite part is playing with their friends' cool toys, so by sharing toys they get to experience something that reminds them of their friends and also adds the excitement factor that new toys always have. When we are finally able to go on playdates again they can switch back their toys and talk about how much fun they had playing with them!


Take a walk with friends staying on opposite sides of the street and strap kids into separate strollers/wagon. Being strapped in is key, because otherwise it is hard to ensure kids keep their distance. (Of course this is dependant on your town's mitigation efforts, but as of now in PA we are still allowed to go outside for exercise.)


Kids can exchange daily letters, pictures or emails with a friend telling them about what they’ve been up to and how they are feeling. Now is a great chance to bust out the cool stationary and stickers and let your little one write letters or draw pictures (while you transcribe).

Remember: you don’t need to be doing all of these things or ANY of these things to be a good parent. We are all just doing our best. The most important thing is that everyone stays safe (and sane).


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