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May 10, 2020

Create your own puzzles using play dough and small toys and objects from around the house. Easy set-up, easy clean-up and helps kids practice fine motor skills, shape recognition and critical thinking. ⁣ ⁣ Just roll out your favorite play dough and stamp different shaped objects into the dough and set them aside. (You can even have an older child do the set-up for a younger sibling). To make it easier put the objects on the tray and to make…

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April 26, 2020

Sensory Bins. What are they, why you should use them and how to use them successfully and everything in between. Here is everything you've ever wanted to know about sensory bins! If I  haven't answered all of your questions, addressed your concerns, alleviate your fears and convinced you to give sensory bins a chance let me know and I'll write a follow up post answering any additional questions! This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I make a small…

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