May 10, 2020

Create your own puzzles using play dough and small toys and objects from around the house. Easy set-up, easy clean-up and helps kids practice fine motor skills, shape recognition and critical thinking. ⁣

Just roll out your favorite play dough and stamp different shaped objects into the dough and set them aside. (You can even have an older child do the set-up for a younger sibling). To make it easier put the objects on the tray and to make it more difficult you can put the objects back around the house or hide them in a sensory bin. Challenge them by putting at least one object in an interesting position like on its side or upside down. ⁣

This #invitationtoplay is so easy and versatile and can lead right into free play with loose parts and play dough. Mix it up each time with different play dough, different objects, pick objects related to certain themes etc. ⁣

playdough puzzle, easy diy sensory play with loose parts, shadow puzzle, preschool activity

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