May 19, 2017

Nothing is more stylish than good ol’ fashioned black and white.


Modern Scandi nurseries with black and white decor are clean, trendy and totally pin-worthy. I love decorating with books because they are cute, inexpensive and educational.


Here are my five favorite black and white board books to adorn your nursery shelves.


HELLO, ANIMALS by Smriti Prasadam

This book has a sparkly foil element on each page, and who doesn’t love something sparkly?

ART FOR BABY by Various

Striking black and white works of contemporary art. Also includes a fold-out with all of the images that would look great on a nursery wall.

MY ANIMALS by Xavier Deneux

Xavier Deneux combines simple black and white animal illustrations with text and a few pops of color. You’ll also love his black and white book Soft and Cuddly Animals that has different textures for baby to feel.

MOMMIES AND THEIR BABIES by Guido van Genechten

Great black, white and textured gray illustrations. This book is actually a little educational and teaches kids the name for different animal babies, however ignores the fact that some of these mommies EAT their babies….


BLACK AND WHITE by Jane Foster

If you love black and white, but still want a touch of color in your decor check out this book by Jane Foster. Foster’s beautifully illustrated black and white animal illustrations are filled with fun patterns and pops of pretty color.


 Not only will these black and white baby books look cute on your nursery shelves, but they are especially appealing for babies up to 6 months (some research even says up to 9 months!). Babies’ retinas are not totally developed, so they have a harder time perceiving different color values. Black and white images are high contrast. Research has proven that high contrast images are the best to hold a baby’s attention because they are easy for a baby to distinguish between shapes. They are simple, easier to focus on and have less distracting stimuli so they can actually help a baby relax.

Some scientists and doctors say looking at black and white images can even cure colic!

What are your favorite black and white baby books?

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