July 16, 2019

Summer is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but let's be real...summer with a toddler and a baby can get a little crazy. "You only get 18 summers with your Kids" repeats in my head and I feel a  need to give them all the summer experiences I can squeeze in to three months. We've already checked off a good bit on our SUMMER BUCKET LIST and I am exhausted. If you are feeling anything like me maybe some of these summer parenting hacks can help make your summer a little bit easier....

This post contains affiliated links for your convenience. I received Bathtime for Aquaman free for review purposes. I received the Liddlme sunglasses and headstraps free in exchange for my honest review. I only write about products I love and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. For more information see Legal.


Filling up the baby pool in the summer is such a pain, right? It's always "too cold" so you haul hot water out from the house bucket by bucket. Finally the pool is warm enough and then the kids are over it and on to the next activity.

I started just filling up one big bucket of water and sitting the bucket in an empty baby pool. Each time we do this I'll introduce some fun new material for the kids to spray, pour, drip, float, scoop and fill. This keeps them entertained, keeps them cool and keeps them mostly dry which is a bonus in my book. There is also less drowning risk, although kids can drown in only an inch of water it gives me a little more piece of mind when they are playing in an empty baby pool.

Play can be completely open-ended or prompted. This form of water play is more educational and sensory rich than just sitting and splashing in the pool. For example, kids can practice pouring water with a cup; a practical skill. Kids can use a ladle or a spoon to scoop and trasfer. Older preschoolers can be given beginner STEM challenged to fill different containers which is a precursor to learning about volume. Certain materials can also inspire dramatic play. Teddy likes to make and serving "soup" like he was a chef in a restaurant. The possibilities of water play are endless!

You can also bring this activity inside on rainy or too-humid days!

Some of our materials to add to our empty baby pool are water beads, rubber duckies (leftover from our VALENTINE'S DAY RUBBER DUCKIES and paint brushes!

Check out my full list of BEST SUPPLIES FOR WATER PLAY (coming soon).


liddlme kids polarized sunglasses summer parenting hack adjustable head strap
liddlme kids polarized sunglasses summer parenting hack adjustable head strap

My kids never keep their sunglasses on their faces, but I want to protect their eyes (and stop them from complaining about the sun being too shiny). Liddlme sells awesome flexible (and polarized) baby sunglasses and the best part is they also sell cute summer-themed adjustable head straps. Scottie's has the flamingo design and Teddy has the crab design. Both are limited editions and so cute for summer! Teddy's sunglasses have his name wood burned onto the side which is a bonus hack...no more lost sunglasses!

You can get 20% Liddlme sunglasses and headstraps if you use TEDDY20 at checkout!


These freeze pop holders are the best! I literally let Teddy wear a mitten on his hand before I found these, which looked a little bit silly in the middle of summer. Teddy loves choosing his color of popsicle holder and I love that I can throw them in the washing machine when they get sticky.

Check out more popsicle tips: TOO COOL POPSICLES (coming soon)


I am pretty protective of our books and I hate to see their book jackets rip or pages ruined. It is important to me to keep the kids reading, but the kids are outside so much that it is hard. The though of sticky sunscreen hands and wet bathing suits around my precious books makes me a little nuts.

Fortunately, my friends over at Downtown Bookworks sent us a copy of Bathtime with Aquaman and get this...it is waterproof! I can't believe I never knew waterproof books existed. This one doesn't have many pages, but Teddy loves it because he is obsessed with super heroes. Now we can read IN the pool and I am on the look out for more water proof books...any suggestions???


Have you used mineral powder sunscreen? This product is one that I use all the time for myself, but also on the kids. I always get the worst sunburn on my scalp from the way I part my hair, but I hate the look and feel of sunscreen in my hair. My sister-in-law introduced me to powdered sunscreen and its been life changing. I still use regular sunscreen for body and usually face too, but for hairline and scalp I use the powder. No more greasy hair for us... at least not because of sunscreen anyway. That reminds me, I need a shower.



Let us know what you though of our summer parenting hacks and share your own in the comments below or hit me up over on instagram @ureadyteddy I love hearing from you 🙂

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