June 5, 2018

When I started thinking about What I Needed for a Second Baby I forgot to consider that our second baby might have different needs and preferences than our first. For example, our son Teddy hated to be swaddled, he would wriggle his arms out before you could even finish wrapping him up. our daughter Scottie loves to be swaddled really tightly, but I have such a hard time keeping the swaddles tight. We didn’t get many new things for our second baby but we did decide to get some more Velcro and zipper swaddles.

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The Ollie World Swaddle is my favorite swaddle. I was a little skeptical, but it is seriously a miracle worker. Our colicky baby girl stopped crying the second I velcroed the swaddle. She seemed so peaceful and content having her arms pinned tightly against her sides and wrapped up tight in The Ollie.


  • Patented moisture-wicking fabric to reduce the risk of overheating
  • Velcro helps keep the Ollie secure and allows fit to be individualized meeting the need and size of baby
  • Elastic loop at the bottom to make diaper changes possible without un-swaddling
Ollie Swaddle



In the middle of the night I can barely remember where I am let a lone remember how to fold a regular swaddle. The Ollie World swaddle is easy to put on even when you are deliriously tired.


Ordinary swaddles always tend to get loose eventually and once the baby busts one of their little hands out the whole swaddle comes undone. The velcro on The Ollie World swaddle keeps the swaddle tight and secure.


The Ollie's fabric is Silky soft 100% cotton and moisture-wicking. I love the pretty Stone gray color.


Keeps the feet secure in the swaddle and gives easy access for diaper changes. Makes it adjustable as the baby grows.


I love that the swaddle came with its own mesh bag to use for the laundry so the velcro doesn't stick to your other clothes. They don't call it the Smarter Swaddle™ for nothing!


Is there anything cuter than a little baby bundled up like a burrito? The Ollie World Swaddle arrives in adorable packaging with little animals on the box and a little thank you card and instruction card.


The only negatives I noticed about The Ollie World Swaddle is that the Velcro is a little noisy if you try to adjust the swaddle while the baby is still asleep. The first time I used the swaddle overnight I noticed it rode up over Scottie's shoulders. The next time I used it I wrapped the swaddle lower to begin with and tied it tighter at the bottom and it didn't ride up anymore.

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