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Magic Ice Stencil Painting Activity for Kids

January 8, 2023
Magic Ice Stencils Painting Salt Paper Snowflake Preschool STEM activity for Winter Education Consultant

Are you looking for an activity that will really WOW your kids? Then you need to try this COOL (pun intended) art and science activity. Keep reading to learn how you can create magic stencils for ice painting using salt! It is easy, fun for all ages (adults included) and best of all it is inexpensive to create! Your kids will ask for this activity again and again and there are so many different variations and themes you can use…

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February 1, 2022
snow painting cookie cutter stencils

Need a quick snow day activity for when its too cold to go outside to play? Bring the snow inside and try this quick and easy snow painting activity. Fill up a bin or a pan with snow, grab the watercolors and let your little ones do some snow painting. To extend the fun add some cookie cutters to create fun shapes to paint. Kids can use them like a stencil or pack the snow inside the cookie cutter to…

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Sensory Lemonade Potions for Kids

May 31, 2020
Sensory Citrus Potion Play Lemonade

My little ones LOVE potion play and what could be better than potion play that you can drink! These lemonade potions were their favorite potions yet. The lemonade potions engaged the senses of taste, smell and touch. This activity uses many different fine motor skills like squeezing, pouring, scooping and peeling. Using kitchen tools teaches practical life skills. There is also a lot of different scientific reactions that can be observed in these potions; ice melting, sugar cube melting/solutions, color…

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Berry Sensory Bin

May 31, 2020
Berry Sensory Bin Water beads Fruit

It’s Fruit Week at our FREE summer camp U Ready Kids Camp. If you haven’t downloaded the Free camp PDF head to my U READY KIDS CAMP post. Each week has a themed sensory bin like this colorful berry sensory bin. This berry sensory bin can be made with any fruit colored sensory bin filler. We used berry-colored water beads but you could use colored sand, play dough, jello, dyed rice, pompoms and more. A heart shaped cake tin worked…

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Flower Sensory Bin

May 31, 2020

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately and I noticed Teddy showing a lot of interest in bugs (especially worms). Scottie on the other hand had a massive meltdown when a worm touched her foot. Since play is a safe place to experience things in a fun, less stress way I thought a little bit of bug-themed “exposure therapy” might be just what she needs while expanding on Teddy’s current interests and giving them both some…

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