Flower Sensory Bin

May 31, 2020

We’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden lately and I noticed Teddy showing a lot of interest in bugs (especially worms). Scottie on the other hand had a massive meltdown when a worm touched her foot. Since play is a safe place to experience things in a fun, less stress way I thought a little bit of bug-themed “exposure therapy” might be just what she needs while expanding on Teddy’s current interests and giving them both some fine motor practice. ⁣

I saw @bubblesandbellylaughs on instagram use the @booninc bottle drying rack for fine motor (genius!) and I thought it would be the perfect grass for our bug sensory play set-up! ⁣

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  • Sensory table or large plastic bin
  • Flowers (real or faux)
  • Sensory bin filler (ex. aquarium gravel, pebbles, dry rice/beans, kinetic sand)
  • Scoop, shovel and/or rake
  • Create garden markers and match the flower names to the flowers
  • Pots

[Optional:] Garden gloves, rocks, FLOWER TINKER TRAY

See our sensory bin FAQs here: SENSORY BIN FAQS


  • Plant flowers in bin or in pots
  • Scoop + pour
  • Try using the tools by wearing garden gloves
  • Hide and seek flowers in sensory filler
  • Add plastic animals, tracing board, or wooden letters.


Let us know what your little one thought of this flower sensory bin in the comment section or show us your play by sharing your photos on Facebook or instagram and tagging @ureadyteddy or #ureadyteddy

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