January 9, 2017


Have you ever heard of the American Pop Artist Jim Dine? Your kids will love this artist's bright colors, childlike paint quality and fun textures!

This artist's colorful hearts are a great inspiration for a variety of different Valentine's Art Projects. Kids of all ages can paint on a piece of paper, blending pinks, reds and purples together and then cut them out into heart shapes or if they are too little to use scissors they can help you cut them with a heart-shaped hole punch. These little hearts look great in a frame or on a blank white folded card.

This painting could inspire a finger print heart project. You could also use ink pads with little finger prints or finger paints if you feel like making a mess 🙂

This drawing could inspire a pencil sketch heart project.

For extra fun- experiment with different watercolor techniques like drawing first with white crayon to create a wax-resist, sprinkling salt onto wet watercolor paint, or dabbing away areas of wet paint with a paper towel or q-tip to create texture.


To prevent colors from making yucky brown mess, use tape to cover the other colors so that only shades of pink, red and purple are showing. These colors will look nice no matter which ones get mixed together. 


Romero Britto- Pop Art Hearts Drawing with Markers

Keith Haring- Pop Art Hearts

Andy Warhol- Pop Art Heart Print

Henry Matisse- Heart Paper Collage

Miriam Schapiro- Heart Paper Weaving

Peter Max- Pop Art Heart Painting

Pablo Picasso- Flower Bouquet in Hand

Lulie Wallace- Pattern Flowers

Georgie O'Keeffe- Close-up flowers

Robert Indiana- LOVE sculptures or LOVE draw


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