Flower Potions STEM Activity

June 2, 2020
Flower Potions

One thing that is always a hit in our household is a magic potion! There is something that kids find so special about mixing and pouring ingredients and getting the surprise of a fun chemical reaction. You can make a potion activity for almost every theme imaginable. We've done love potions for Valentines, spooky witch potions for Halloween and edible lemonade potions. For Flower Week of our free U Ready Kids Camp we knew we needed to add a flower potions stem activity!

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  • Sensory table or large plastic bin
  • Flowers and leaves
  • Water
  • Jars, bottles, medicine droppers, funnels etc.
  • [Optional] Food coloring, glitter, mortar and pestle, ice, baking soda, vinegar, tea bag


  • Have a scavenger hunt to collect flowers and leaves
  • Pour and scoop
  • Add ice cubes for added sensory component
  • Experiment with chemical reactions of baking soda and vinegar
  • Smash or grind flower petals and leaves with mortar and pestle to add to potions
  • Engage in a sensory experience by using edible and/or scented flowers and herbs
  • Observe color mixing with food coloring or tea bags
  • Fine motor practice by cutting and tearing leaves and petals to add to potions
  • Add leaf confetti from FLOWER FINE MOTOR activity
  • Incorporate measurement and volume by using measuring cups and spoons

  • Keep baking soda in a salt shaker and vinegar in a squirt bottle.
  • Use leftover baking soda and vinegar potions to kill weeds in the garden!


Let us know what your little one thought of these flower potions in the comment section or show us your play by sharing your photos on Facebook or instagram and tagging @ureadyteddy or #ureadyteddy

We'll share our favorites in our stories!

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