Flower Tinker Tray

May 31, 2020

It's been a minute since I posted a new themed tinker tray. As part of Flower Week for U Ready Kids Camp, my free at home summer camp I thought we needed a fun, colorful flower tinker tray! Tinker trays are so versatile and can be used over and over again in different ways.

These flower tinker trays can be used on their own or with kinetic sand, play dough, contact paper, mirrors and sensory bins. They can also be used as part of other art and craft activities.

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  • Flowers/petals (real or faux)
  • Leaves (real or faux)
  • Wood rounds, sticks and/or rocks
  • Other small household/crafts items

[Optional] Cupcake papers (these make great flowers and daffodil centers)

See our tinker tray idea list here: TINKER TRAYS FOR TODDLERS


  • Create flowers with loose parts
  • Add to playdough or kinetic sand
  • Design 2-D or 3-D garden scene using loose parts
  • Create flower symmetry designs using a mirror
  • Make a sticky wall using contact paper with the sticky part facing outwards and create flower designs vertically
  • Use flowers, loose parts to trace letters or name drawn on paper or on tracing board.

I liked using the colorful wooden loose parts from Chickadees Wooden Toys (READYTEDDY 10 for 10% off) to create radial 2-D designs while my four-year old liked trying to make a 3-D flower garden sticking out of the kinetic sand. After some trial and error of trying to get a flower top to sit on top of a golf tee, he decided to poke the golf tees through cupcake wrappers to make his flowers. My two-year-old liked filling the cupcake wrappers with pom poms and dumping them into other cupcake wrappers and copying big brother to poke holes through the wrappers. All of this is totally okay. Remember, as long as they are staying safe and following your families rules there is no wrong way to play with a tinker tray and all play is meaningful and educational.


Let us know what your little one thought of this flower tinker tray in the comment section or show us your play by sharing your photos on Facebook or instagram and tagging @ureadyteddy or #ureadyteddy

We'll share our favorites in our stories!

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